Away from adulteration of food items on Diwali, know how to test from milk to oil at home

Desk The market of adulteration in the country has become a source of profit for the traders. As per NABL’s 2020 report, a total of 1,06,459 food items were sampled in 2018-19. Of these, 28.56 were adulterated. In the year 2012-13, this rate was 15. In this way, the level of adulteration almost doubled in seven years.

UP-Jharkhand at the forefront According to the report of National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL), Uttar Pradesh had the highest number of adulterated food items in the samples collected in 2018-19. The rate of adulterated food samples in UP was 52.3%. Similarly, this rate was 45.39 in Jharkhand and 41.68 percent in Tamil Nadu.

Effect on organs due to adulterated food

kidneyIf the adulterated substance enters the body through the blood, then the harmful element damages the inner part of the kidney.

BrainThe direct brain damage caused by the adulterated food is not immediately known. Gradually, its symptoms come in the form of dizziness in the person.

check yourself like this

Milk: Pour a few drops of milk on the surface. If the milk flows out and a water-like streak is formed behind it, then there is adulteration of water in the milk.

LentilsMix one spoon of lentils with one spoon of water and a few drops of hydrochloric acid. On mixing, a pink color will emerge.

Ghee : Add hydrochloric acid or iodine to a spoonful of ghee. If the color changes then there is every possibility of adulteration in ghee.

Turmeric: Mix five drops of water and five drops of hydrochloric acid. If the powder is adulterated then its color will turn purple or pink.

Sugar Heat one cup of water by adding two spoons of sugar. If there is chalk powder in it, it will start to show through.

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