Deepika Kakkar said this big thing about adopting Islam…

Dipika Kakar is a well-known actress in the TV world. Everyone knows about them. Deepika is a victim of trollers for one reason or the other. Sometimes regarding their marriage and sometimes regarding their adoption of Islam. Everyone knows that Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakkar Ibrahim are one of the favorite couples of the TV world. And the number of those who want them is also in crores. Even after four years of marriage, both the couples never lag behind in giving goals. The bond between them is getting stronger.

Dipika Kakar had adopted Islam religion

Dipika Kakkar and Shoaib were married on 22 February 2018 according to Islamic customs. At that time, there was a lot of ruckus about their marriage, because Deepika had converted to Islam leaving Hinduism. Even today it remains a topic of discussion. Because of this, many times the actress has to face trolling.

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Deepika said this about adopting Islam

In a throwback interview, Deepika had said on her Islamic custom marriage that it was her personal choice and she is proud of it. During a conversation with ‘E-Times’, the actress talked about adopting Islam after her marriage. He had said that it was a personal choice and he did not think that he needed to talk about it in front of the media.

He further said, “What is true is what it is. It is true that, I have done it, but why and when I have done it, I do not think, needs to be talked about. It is a very personal matter and I don’t think I need to open up about it in front of the media.”

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Not only this, Deepika also said that when she took this decision, her family supported her. He had said that his intention was never to hurt anyone.

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