Exclusive: Due to the closure of subsidy, the trouble of Jollywood filmmakers increased, said Nagpuri actor Vivek Nayak

Famous Nagpuri actor Vivek Nayak has been associated with Jollywood films for a long time. His music videos become viral as soon as they are released. He has a huge fan following on social media. On the occasion of the 22nd Foundation Day of Jharkhand, he had a special conversation with ‘Prabhat Khabar’ (prabhatkhabar.com) on the changes in regional cinema. He also revealed the reasons why we are behind other regional cinema.

Regional cinema doesn’t get much attention here

Vivek Nayak says that there have certainly been many changes over time. But, the biggest reason is that no producer wants to invest money in the films here. The biggest reason for this is that we do not get the audience at all. The return is not available as much as the cost of making a film. Earlier the government used to give subsidy, that too has been stopped. Our industry had benefited somewhat from the subsidy. We have many great artists here and there is technical support too. But, regional cinema is not given much attention here.

Location money should not be taken from regional artists

Vivek Nayak says that the government should help the filmmakers of Jollywood. There should be a film city here. Regional artists should be exempted from fees, at least in some shooting locations in Jharkhand. We have to bear a lot to shoot in the main road as well. It is right to take location money from the team coming from outside the state, but some concession should be given to the local team. We have to invest money from our pockets, there is a problem. The government should also allow our teasers to run on the screen.

Jharkhand is the stronghold of beautiful plaintiffs

Vivek Nayak says that as beautiful as the plains of Jharkhand are, the people here are equally innocent. When we go for shooting in the village and countryside, we get stunned by the love of the people. Many Bollywood films have also been shot here. Artists from other states also get lost in it after seeing the panoramic view here. We are trying our best to showcase this beauty through our cinema. If we get the full support of the audience and the government, then we will be able to do better.

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