How to take advantage of free electricity scheme, here is the step by step guide

The people living in Delhi are given the benefit of free electricity. For this the government also gives subsidy. The Delhi government had started the free electricity scheme in 2019. Under this scheme, people of Delhi get 100% subsidy on electricity less than 200 units every month. This means that if a person consumes up to 200 units of electricity in a month, then he will not have to pay a single rupee bill. Similarly, 50 percent subsidy (up to Rs 800) is given to people consuming up to 400 units of electricity in a month.

Now the Delhi government has started a new scheme Voluntary Subsidy Scheme ie VSS. If anyone wants to take benefit of subsidy under this scheme, then he has to apply for it. The new rule has started from October 1, 2022, this year. This means that your electricity bill will not come to 0 or the subsidy on electricity bill will not come automatically, but you will have to apply for it first.

,How to apply from Whatsapp:

  • For this you have to send HI on Whatsapp number 7011131111 number.
  • In the next step, any language will have to be selected either in Hindi or in English.
  • Enter the 11 digit CN number.
  • Now Pre Field Subsidy Application form will appear.
  • Select Yes to confirm the details, from this the process of electricity subsidy will also start.
  • Subsidy application through QR code
  • A pre-field subsidy form is also provided with your electricity bill, on which a QR code will appear. This code can be scanned. You will be taken to Whatsapp as soon as you scan. The Pre Field Subsidy Form you will see on the screen. Here you confirm the details by selecting Yes. After this you will get acknowledgment through Whatsapp.

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