Indian Railway: How to travel if Confirm train ticket is lost? Know the rules..

Indian Railway : If you also travel by train during the festival, then this news is important for you. If your train ticket is suddenly lost somewhere during or before the journey, then will you be able to travel without ticket or not? Let us know what should you do in this critical situation?

Duplicate train ticket is its option: Don’t panic if your train ticket is lost somewhere. Because the railways also know that this is a common mistake which can happen to anyone. Therefore, Indian Railways gives a new facility to its passengers in such a situation. If your train ticket is lost somewhere, then you can travel in its place by issuing a duplicate train ticket, although for this you will have to spend some extra money.

There will be additional charge for the ticket: According to the Indian Railways website, if a confirmed/RAC ticket is reported missing before the reservation chart is prepared, a duplicate ticket is also issued in its place. According to Indian Railways, some extra charge has to be paid for this.

You will get duplicate ticket for second and sleeper class only by paying Rs 50. For the rest of the second class, you will have to pay Rs 100. In case, after the preparation of the reservation chart, the information about the loss of the confirmed ticket is received, a duplicate ticket is issued on recovery of 50% of the fare.

Do keep these things in mind: Be sure to read some things related to duplicate tickets carefully, because they can definitely come in handy somewhere.

  1. If the ticket is confirmed or RAC and the ticket is torn, then a duplicate ticket can be issued, for which the passenger has to pay 25 percent of the total fare after the preparation of the reservation chart. If you have applied before the preparation of the reservation chart, then the same charges will be applicable for the loss/lost ticket.
  2. According to Indian Railways, no duplicate ticket will be issued for mutilated tickets with waiting list.
  3. Further, refund is also admissible on mutilated/mutilated tickets, if the genuineness and authenticity of the ticket is verified on the basis of details.
  4. In case of RAC tickets, no duplicate ticket can be issued after the preparation of the reservation chart.
  5. If the original ticket is also returned after the issue of the duplicate ticket and both the tickets are shown to the Railways before the departure of the train, the fee paid for the duplicate ticket will be refunded, although 5% of the amount will be deducted. Which will be minimum 20 rupees.

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