Now it will not be easy to build a house – before building a house, you will have to do a map, know

Desk : If you are thinking of building a house in your village then this news is for you. Actually, now to build high buildings, the government will have to pass the map. For this the Panchayati Raj Act 2006 will be amended. Vidhan Bihar Government is trying to amend this law. If this happens, then it will become mandatory to pass the map for building a building higher than the prescribed limit. At present there is no such rule in Bihar. But even in rural areas big buildings are being built. In view of this, the government is going to take this step.

Departmental officials say that the Panchayati Raj Act does not have the right to pass the map of houses. Therefore the law will be amended. So that Panchayati Raj can get this right. The amendment bill for this is expected to be introduced during the upcoming winter session of the legislature. After amending the law, there will also be a manual to pass the map. All the terms and rights will be mentioned in detail in the manual.

A committee will be formed at the district level to pass the map. In this committee there will be senior officers of the district as well as technical experts. Along with this, public representatives will also be kept in this committee. After investigation, this committee will be given this officer to pass the map of the house. However, a final decision has not been taken on who will be the chairman of the committee. This is being discussed. It will also be the responsibility of the committee to see whether the rules are being followed while constructing tall buildings.

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