Photos: Lakhs of rupees have been spent on the outfits of Bollywood celebrities

In Bollywood it becomes very important that the clothes of Bollywood celebrities are good and stylish. This is the reason why the clothes and jewelery of the actors and actresses are selected before directing the film. The biggest reason for this is that in the film, the attention of the audience first goes to the clothes of the hero and heroine and especially the clothes of the actress.

Today we have brought for you 12 most expensive outfits of Bollywood actors and actresses.

1. Salman Khan in Veer

In the year 2010, the film ‘Veer’, directed by Anil Sharma, rocked the box office. In this film, Salman Khan’s Veer’s look was very much liked. In this film, Bhaijaan was seen in 6 different outfits, which cost 20 lakh rupees.

2. Deepika Padukone in Bajirao Mastani


Deepika Padukone, who rocked the role of Bajirao’s Mastani in Bajirao Mastani, wore outfits in the film that cost lakhs of rupees. Along with this, Deepika has worn beautiful jewellery, which costs around Rs 45 lakh.

3. Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai in Jodhaa Akbar

The cost of Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s outfits in the film Jodhaa Akbar was around Rs 2 lakh.

4. Kareena Kapoor in Kambakkht Ishq

Even though the film ‘Kambakht Ishq’ could not show anything special at the box office after its release. But Kareena Kapoor made a lot of headlines with the song ‘Kambakht Ishq Cheez Hvid Hi Aisi’ from this film. Kareena appeared in a stunning black outfit in this film, which cost Rs 8 lakh. This dress was specially designed in Paris.

5. Madhuri Dixit in Devdas

Madhuri Dixit’s lehenga in the film ‘Devdas’ was designed by Neetu Lalla. For which he got the National Award. The weight of this lehenga was around 30 kg and its cost was around Rs 20 lakh.

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