Qatar invites fugitive Zakir Naik, will give religious sermon at FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup has started in Qatar. In the first match, Ecuador beat hosts Qatar 2-0. But Islamic speaker Zakir Naik is being discussed more than this match. Qatar has invited controversial Indian Islamic speaker Zakir Naik to deliver a religious sermon at the FIFA World Cup 2022. It is banned in India and is a fugitive since 2017.

There are many cases registered against him in India. There are also cases of hate speech and incitement to terrorism in these cases. According to the news, many terrorists arrested recently had told that they walked on the path of terrorism after watching Zakir Naik’s video. Apart from this, cases like money laundering, spreading hatred in the society are registered against Zakir Naik.

Please tell that Zakir Naik is an Islamic scholar. Apart from money laundering, he is facing many serious charges in India. That is the reason why they have been banned here. According to an information, Naik was declared a fugitive in the year 2017. Since then he is living in Malaysia. Apart from this, he is recognized worldwide for Islamic speech.

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