Rohan Mehra gave this statement on Vaishali Thakkar’s suicide, marriage was to be held in a few days

Vaishali was a successful actress in the television world. Her co-star and close friend Rohan Mehra, who worked with her in her first TV serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, is deeply hurt by the suicide. She is unable to come to terms with it and she said she was happy when he spoke to her 2 days ago.

Rohan’s statement

Rohan said, “She was very happy as she was going to get married soon. He had invited me and we were about to attend. That thing is from two days ago… she spoke well, she didn’t care. He has been with his family for the past few months. Earlier he was supposed to come to Mumbai on 5-6th, but it got cancelled. We talked a lot and joked a lot. Talking about how Vaishali was not at all tense about work as she was preparing to go to America. She said, ‘She was not worried about work at all and was in a happy place. She was preparing to go to America. They were getting married and she was happy. He had asked me to book the ticket, I had said that he will get the dates done as soon as the dates get closer. When I spoke to her five days ago, she said that her fiance was coming. Everything was going well. I thought she was preparing for her wedding. I never felt from her conversation that she is so upset that she will do something like this or is thinking of doing something like that.’

Vaishali was going to get married soon

The actor further revealed that Vaishali’s wedding was taking place in an arranged setup. To this she said, ‘It was an arranged marriage, she was very happy about it. She also shared the story about her fiancé’s journey on her Instagram.

She used to be very happy and we used to send each other memes and funny jokes. I spoke to her only two days ago and never thought she would do something like this. We last spoke to each other on Thursday.

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