Saba Ibrahim: Husband Sunny committed infidelity with Saba Ibrahim just a few days after marriage! Expressed displeasure about this

Vlogs of TV actor Shoaib Ibrahim’s sister Saba Ibrahim are quite popular on social media. Deepika Kakkar’s sister-in-law Saba got married recently. Now she has posted a new video, in which she was seen roaming around Maudha’s fair. Sabah of her husband Sunny had a lot of fun in the fair. He took some essential things, goods for some relatives, coffee mugs in the fair. Saba looked angry with her husband in the fair. Saba says that Sunny has committed infidelity after seeing Biryani. For the first time since they got married, they didn’t ask. Otherwise it goes in my mouth first. After coming home, he showed all the things to his mother. Sunny has bought a new car and his friend’s sister comes to apply turmeric in it.

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