Social media can’t measure everything, but audience’s voice should be heard: Varun Dhawan

Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan is busy promoting his upcoming film Bhediya these days. His opposite Kriti Sanon is also in the lead role in the film. Actor Varun Dhawan on Wednesday said about the trend of criticism of Hindi films on social media that this medium which changes the plot every day cannot be the measure of everything, but filmmakers should listen to the voice of the audience.

Social media cannot be the measure of everything

Varun Dhawan told reporters in Indore, “Social media is what it is. But social media cannot be a measure of everything as the medium’s narratives keep changing every day.” Varun Dhawan was asked if criticism on social media has forced Hindi cinema makers to include Indian films in current films. Is there a special emphasis on culture or are they really going back to their roots?

we must listen to the voice of the audience

The 35-year-old actor said, “We should listen to the voice of the audience who go to the cinema by buying tickets. Whenever I get time, I myself go and watch films in theaters to know what the audience wants.” Varun was in Indore to promote his upcoming film “Bhediya” along with producer Dinesh Vijan and co-star Kriti Sanon. This film made in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil is going to be released in theaters on 25 November.

The teaser of ‘Bhediya’ is bang on

Its trailer is very powerful. There’s a wild secret lurking in the one minute trailer! The video takes us to the mystical hills of Arunachal Pradesh. The teaser was seen showing many mysterious moments. After the horror comedy genre of Stree, Amar Kaushik is now going to present a new genre of ‘Creature Comedy’ among his fans in the form of ‘Bhediya’. Starting with pitch darkness and powerful rap, this teaser will really give you goosebumps. Varuna, running through the woods at night, suddenly turns into fire and howls like a wolf.

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