T20 World Cup: Babar Azam, the team that trampled Pakistan, could not even write the name of that country as ‘Zimbabwe’.

The Pakistan team’s time is almost over with the T20 World Cup. In the first match, India defeated Pakistan, while in the second match it was defeated by Zimbabwe. With the defeat, Pakistan is being trolled everywhere. It is known to all that Pakistan cricket team has always been known for its weak English. Many times the captain and players of the team have been trolled for this reason. This time the captain of the current team, Babar Azam, has a class. Actually, users have found a 7 year old tweet of Pakistan team captain Babar Azam.

This is how trolls are happening after the loss to Zimbabwe in T20 World Cup

Babar is facing trolls after the defeat to Zimbabwe in the T20 World Cup 2022. People believe that how can Pakistan defeat against a weak team like Zimbabwe. In such a situation, users have found another excuse to troll Babar. In this tweet, Babar has written only ‘Welcome Zimbabwe’ in English, but in this he made such a spelling mistake that he is being trolled till date.

Babar had made a mistake in English

Actually, this thing is from May 2015. At that time Zimbabwe team toured Pakistan. Then a series of three ODIs and two T20 matches was played between the two teams. At the time when the Zimbabwe team reached Pakistan, Babar Azam had tweeted this to welcome. Then Babur wrote, ‘Welcome zimbaway.’ Just what then, Babar is still being trolled because of this tweet.

Please tell that Zimbabwe is written like ‘Zimbabwe’ in English. Whereas Babur wrote ‘zimbaway’ in this way. Babar has written ‘way’ instead of ‘bwe’ in the last three letters. On this, users commented in many ways and trolled Babar fiercely.

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