The DM who told Azam Khan to clean my shoes, the same DM put Azam on Lanka..

Azam Khan is going through a very bad experience these days. In the year 2019, Azam Khan has been sentenced to 3 years in the hate speech case. If this punishment continues, then Azam Khan’s legislature is sure to be known. At the same time, it will be a big blow for Azam Khan at this stage of age, it is also certain. Although this punishment has been given for hate speech, but its story is not so easy either. An important character of this story is that IAS officer, whom Azam Khan had once cursed fiercely. Even Azam had asked that IAS to get his shoes cleaned. The name of this IAS is Anjaneya Kumar. At present he is the Divisional Commissioner of Moradabad. Let us tell you the whole truth behind it.

Azam Khan did this act with DM

Azam Khan used to be busy in those days in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Anjaneya Kumar Singh was the DM of Rampur at that time. Azam Khan used to speak. Alam was that the officers could not muster the courage to speak in front of Azam. During the Lok Sabha elections, DM Anjaneya was in the role of District Election Officer. During this, Azam Khan was constantly targeting him. While attacking the officers, Azam had crossed the limit of words.

Was told to clean the shoes

During this, Azam Khan had even told the DM to get the shoes cleaned. At the same time, DM Anjaneya was tightening the legal screws on the statements of Azam Khan. Cases were filed one after the other. How outrageous Azam Khan’s statements were, can be gauged from the FIR in which he has been sentenced. According to the FIR, Azam had said that the DM has become blind. How many DMs like these have urinated standing in my office. As soon as the Lok Sabha elections were over, many cases were registered against Azam. IAS Anjaneya says that we had conducted a completely fair election. The allegations of the administration were proved right in the court.

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