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Desk : As Diwali is approaching, the government is also giving many gifts to the people. First of all, after DA then bonus, now preparations are on to make public’s plate cheaper. In order to provide relief to the people troubled by inflation during festivals, the government has announced to provide pulses and onions at affordable prices.

In this regard, it has been told by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs that ‘all efforts are being made to keep the prices of food items under control on Diwali’. Taking a big step, the government has announced to provide pulses to the states at very low cost. The central government has cut the price of pulses by Rs 8 and is providing pulses to the states at this price, so that cheap food grains can be reached to the consumers and there is no shortage of pulses in the market on festivals.

Along with this, it has also been told that it is also taking steps to keep the price of onion under control. Also, according to the Consumer Ministry, the government will ensure that there is no shortage of onions in the market during festivals. For this, onions will be provided from the buffer stock.

43 tonnes of stock with the government: Talking about the government stock at present, there is a stock of about 43 tonnes of pulses. Even before the festivals, the government had made available pulses to the states at affordable rates. The central government has so far provided 88,000 tonnes of pulses to the states.

The government believes that the price will not increase on Diwali, it has made full preparations. Earlier, the government had also increased the minimum support price for pulses to the farmers to get them a fair price. Under this, the MSP of masoor dal was increased by Rs 500 per quintal. After this, the MSP of lentils increased by Rs 5,500 to Rs 6,000.

Government imports pulses: Let us tell you that India imports pulses from other countries to meet its pulse requirements. According to the report, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs has said, ‘From the financial year 2022 to 2026, 2.5 lakh tonnes of udak and 1 lakh tonnes of tur dal will be imported every year in the country. This consignment will come from Myanmar. Apart from this, 50 thousand tonnes of tur dal will also be imported from South East African country Malawi in the next five years and from Mozambique the government will import 2 lakh tonnes of tur dal through private trade by 2026.

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