There is no one at home, come… When the lover reached home on the call of the girlfriend, the family members thrashed him thinking that he was a thief

In Uttar Pradesh’s Banda, a young man was thrashed by his girlfriend’s family members mistaking him for a thief. “There is no one at home, come”… As soon as the girlfriend’s call came, the young man reached his girlfriend’s house in happiness, but the happiness did not last long. The family members caught him and beat him up. Then the young man was admitted to a nearby health center. From there he was referred elsewhere for better treatment, where he is undergoing treatment.

According to the young man, he is in love with the girl and he himself called her to his home and said that there is no one at home, come. But when he went there, he was severely beaten up. The girl’s family members had not gone out but were at home. The boy now suspects that the girlfriend had given him false news about the family members going out.

After the beating, the youth was admitted to the hospital for treatment. At the same time, doctors say that the condition of the youth is out of danger. He is currently undergoing treatment and will be fine soon.

In the case, Anand Kumar, station in-charge of Bisanda police station, says that the young man had gone to play DJ. On his way home, he had reached a girl’s house. Because of this he has been assaulted. A case has been registered on the complaint of the victim youth. the matter is being investigated. After this further action will be taken.

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