This incident happened after the concert with Shreya Ghoshal! The voice is gone..!

Shreya Ghoshal is a well known singer of Bollywood. Everyone is a fan of his voice. But recently something happened with Shreya which she herself has disclosed. In the Insta post, Shreya Ghoshal has shared such a thing, after knowing which her fans have got upset. Shreya Ghoshal, who was busy in the concert, told that after the concert her voice had completely gone.

This incident happened with Shreya Ghoshal

Giving information on Insta Story, Shreya Ghoshal told that her voice had gone. But due to the help of the doctor, he is fine now. After treatment, Shreya Ghoshal attended another concert.

Shreya Ghoshal writes in the Insta post- Today I am very emotional. I love my band, fam, and my A team very much. He has supported me in my best and worst phases. Helped me shine no matter what.

Chhalka Shreya’s pain

Shreya further writes- I lost my voice completely after the night concert in Orlando last night. Due to the blessings of my well-wishers and the best care of Dr. Sameer Bhargava, I could get my voice back. After this, I was able to sing in a 3-hour packed concert at the New York Arena. Thank you New York for giving me so much love. Shreya Ghoshal told that her US tour is over. Singer says- show must go on.

fans became emotional

Fans are getting emotional after seeing this post of Shreya Ghoshal. Users are praying for Shreya. Fans are sending lots of love to their favorite singer. Fans are sending lots of love to their favorite singer. Calling them brave. Well, Shreya Ghoshal is absolutely fine now. His voice is also fine. But for any singer, loss of voice is no less than a nightmare. Even if only for a few hours, Shreya Ghoshal has faced this fear.

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