This is a Made-in-India Electric Scooter with a range of 100KM, starting from just ₹ 35,000 ..

Desk : Baaz Bike is an Indian startup, which has launched its first made-in-India electric scooter. It comes with a swappable battery system, which makes it very expensive. The company has also introduced an automatic battery swapping network and energy pods at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT Delhi). Please describe all these products and services in detail.

Baaz Bikes has launched its electric scooter in the country at a price of Rs 35,000 (ex-showroom). The price is low as it does not include the cost of the battery. The company claims that the removal of the battery has brought down the price of the e-scooter significantly, making it affordable for gig delivery riders. Baz will sell the electric scooters to smaller dealerships where gig delivery riders can rent them.

Buyers can also rent the electric scooter from the Baaz dealership. Baz says the company will operate on a pay-as-you-move model of swapping networks, which will reduce daily costs for gig delivery riders.

Talking about the features of the Baaz electric scooter, it has been designed for daily use of more than 100 km. It measures 1,624 mm in length, 680 mm in width and 1,052 mm in height. The special thing is that registration is not required to run it. The Baz electric scooter has a maximum speed limit of 25 kmph. The dual fork hydraulic suspension setup in the e-scooter and dual shock absorbers have been given at the rear. Find our Scooter button to locate the scooter in the parking lot.

Energy Pods or Falcon batteries, on the other hand, are pods that contain lithium-ion cells encased in an aluminum casing. Its total weight is 8.2 kg. Its energy density is 1028 Wh. It is IP68 rated, which means it is waterproof and splash proof.

Running on the energy network, the machines involved are designed for fully automatic operation. The machine can operate in all extreme weather conditions across India. It has 9 battery recharging boxes. Includes blind mate connector for easy battery swapping. It is rated all-weather IP65 to withstand rain and dust. Fully automatic machine, RFID card support. It has 4G LTE IoT real-time data monitoring.

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