Was your phone stolen? Block like this, no one will be able to steal the data..

Desk : Smartphones are very important for people in today’s time. The phone is used not only for talking but also for many other tasks like clicking photos, making videos, shopping online. Not only this, in today’s time people also use smartphones for online payment and phone banking. Many things of his work are also saved in the phone.

This is the reason why phone lost or stolen becomes a big problem for all of us. It is very difficult to find a stolen or lost phone. However, you can also block the device by visiting the government portal Central Equipment Identity Registry (CEIR) through the IMEI number.

How to block stolen phone: Let us tell you that International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is a 15 digit number. Every device has a different IMEI. With its help, you can block your lost phone. For this, you have to follow the below mentioned specs.

For this, first open CIER (Central Equipment Identity Registry) on your device.
By doing this a page will open in front of you. Here you will also find a very large form.
There will be a total of 3 sections in it. This includes Device Information, Lost Information and Mobile Owner Personal Information.

  • In the Device Information section, you will also need to fill in the information of the lost or stolen device like mobile number, IMEI 1, device brand, model number, etc.
  • In the Lost Information section, the lost date, district, police station, police complaint number, etc. will all have to be entered.
  • After this, in the last section, fill the name of the owner of the device, ID proof, E-mailID and mobile number etc.
  • Now tick the box of Declaration coming down and click on Get OTP option.
  • Then an OTP will come on the number you have entered. ,
  • Enter it then click on the submit button at the bottom.
  • After this you will get a Request ID number. only through

Unblock IMEI. In this way you can block your phone very easily.

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